Opportunities in Animal Health

Veterinary biologics are commonly used to promote the production and reproduction of farm and breeding animals and for the therapeutic treatment of pets. Challenges of these drugs are their high costs and the effort associated with frequent injections, especially for small animals, which show a particularly rapid drug clearance. XL-protein’s PASylation® technology offers beneficial advantages to veterinarians, farmers and pet owners. PASylated long-acting verterinary biologics are fully biodegradable, show an enhanced action and significantly less expense of time and treatment costs.

  • Reduced injection frequencies

    • Expanded hydrodynamic volume leading to extented circulation time
    • Fewer injections offer benefits to veterinarians, farmers and pet owners
  • Safety & tolerability

    • Non-toxic, highly tolerable
    • Not immunogenic
  • Cheap production

    • High yield production of PASylated fusion proteins in industry-standard expression systems
    • Homogenous long-acting products
  • Biodegradable, no PEG

    • Natural amino acids Pro, Ala and Ser
    • No organ or tissue accumulation
    • Traceless metabolization
  • Related press release

    FREISING, GERMANY, February 12, 2015 XL-protein signs licensing agreement with MSD Animal Health to develop biopharmaceuticals using its PASylation® technology.

  • Di Cesare S., Binder U., Maier T., Skerra A. (2013) High-yield production of PASylated human growth hormone using secretory E. coli technology. BioProcess Int. 11, 30–38.