antibody fragments

Antibody fragments & alternative binding proteins

Despite the huge success of monoclonal antibodies, there are some indications and disease targets which require an alternative antibody format. Full-length antibodies often show a poor tumor penetration, the bivalency sometimes causes receptor clustering and partial activation, while FcγR binding and complement activation can cause unwanted side effects such as thrombosis or inflammation. Furthermore, toxin conjugation to generate ADCs is inefficient and the production of complex antibody fusion proteins is challenging. PASylation® combined with antibody fragments like Fabs, single domain Ig fragments or alternative binding proteins such as Anticalins®, Darpins®, Adnectins® and i-bodies® can solve these issues, leading to long-acting, safer and more potent biologics.

  • Extended plasma half-life

    • Expanded hydrodynamic volume leading to extended circulation time
    • Reduced injection frequencies
  • Efficient & cheap production

    • Genetic fusion: high yield, homogenous product & reduced costs
    • Compatible with various industry standard expression systems
  • Biodegradable PEG alternative

    • PAS overcomes PEG hypersensitivity
    • No organ accummulation during chronic  treatment
  • PAS + binding protein enable:

    • Long-acting antagonists without Fc effector functions
    • Smart antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)
    • T-cell engagers
    • Bi-/Multispecifics
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  • FREISING Germany, 13 November, 2017: AdAlta and XL-protein execute commercial license agreement