Our Partners:

PASylation provides an enabling technology with a unique combination of benefits for superior next generation biopharmaceuticals. Apart from conventional therapeutic proteins, such as growth factors, hormones, and cytokines, PASylation can boost the exploration of novel classes of small biopharmaceuticals suffering from a short plasma half-life, e.g. antibody fragments, single chain/domain antibodies, alternative scaffolds, and even peptides. In addition, PASylation offers opportunities for the life cycle management of approved biologicals whose patent protection is going to expire.

To uncover the full potential of the PASylation technology XL-protein offers collaborations with pharmaceutical, biogeneric, and biotech companies on the following levels.

  • Out-licensing of our proprietary PASylation technology for defined protein classes or disease areas.
  • Out-licensing of XL-protein’s proprietary product candidates.
  • Co-development of new, innovative protein drugs.
  • In-licensing of interesting therapeutic proteins which could benefit from the PASylation technology.