Source: Peplau, E., De Rose, F., Eichinger, A. et al. Effective rational humanization of a PASylated anti-galectin-3 Fab for the sensitive PET imaging of thyroid cancer in vivo. Sci Rep 11, 7358 (2021).

High contrast in vivo tumor imaging

In vivo imaging using radiolabeled agents is a powerful, sensitive and non-invasive method to diagnose cancer and to assist surgery and radiotherapy. However, choosing the right molecule format can be challenging. Full-length antibody tracers often show a poor tumor penetration and persistent circulation, resulting in a high background. Short-acting tracers like peptides or antibody fragments improve the tumor to blood ratio, but due to a rapid clearance from the body the time for efficient tumor enrichment is too short. PASylation® enables tracer engineering to reach optimal conditions for high tumor uptake and excellent PET/SPECT imaging contrast.

  • Tunable circulation time

    • Plasma half-life can be tailored to optimize imaging contrast
  • High tumor to blood ratio

    • PASylation boosts tumor uptake of the tracer
  • No accumulation in healthy tissue

    • PAS sequences are inert: no unspecific enrichment in healthy tissue
  • No Fc region

    • No FcγR mediated cellular uptake
    • No undesired longterm circulation via endosomal recycling
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